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More than moving lips

A great quote from Karl Kapp: “If the only thing moving is somebody’s lips, then you don’t need video.”

I’d say that applies to web cams during live sessions, too.  Would you?


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One trillion

Google says that they have just indexed their one trillionth unique URL.

It’s hard to imagine a trillion.  At FlickrCC, there are only 20 pictures tagged “trillion”.  It’s a mystery how they earned that tag.  I visited photographer Chris Jordan’s site.  Chris takes pictures that give a sense of the scale of numbers — how many people have been arrested and held in the “war on terror” (83,000) or how many plastic bottles are used in the US every five minutes (2 million), for example.  Chris doesn’t have any pictures that give you a sense of what a trillion might look like.

And of course, the number doesn’t say anything about the content of all those places we visit online.  For example, Wikipedia is there, the encyclopedia that nuclear physicists and my fifth-grader can contribute to.  There’s the Periodic Table of Videos and the Puzzle Farter.  There are millions of pictures (one of my favourites) and videos of lofty paper airplanes.  How many LOL cats are there?  Google itself is there.

One trillion.  Hard to imagine.  One trillion and growing.

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There are two things I’ve been trying to wrap my head around lately.  The first is gaming.  (That’ll have to wait for another post.)  The second is mobile learning.

Today, I came across a video demonstration of QR codes.  This is a QR code for this site.

If you take a picture of it with a cell phone that has the right software installed, it will generate a link to this site (or phone someone or send a text message depending on the link you’re creating).  You can generate your own QR code in a few seconds.

I was listening to a podcast the other day (sorry, can’t find the link but it came from a conference in Australia).  It was done by a teacher who tags plants with these codes and then sends learners out to study them in their natural habitat.

Or how about embedding QR codes in PowerPoints to give a convenient link to the handouts for a particular presentation?

The mind boggles.  Do you have experience using QR codes?  I’d love to hear about it.

UPDATE: Roger Smolski sent me a link to his site, 2d code.  Roger has a fantastic collection of news, art, marketing and discussion related to QR codes.  If you find QR codes, send them along to Roger.  If you have something to say, 2d code is the place to share it.  Thanks, Roger!

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One World

I love the videos that Matt does.   The latest was posted a few weeks ago.  Doesn’t that look like the best fun you’ve ever had?

Matt, come to Nova Scotia so we can dance at Peggy’s Cove!

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