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In our office, we’ve started using Twitter to stay in touch with the people we work with but whose offices are at other campuses. Our college is made up of 13 campuses spread throughout Nova Scotia so Twitter can come in handy. It helps us know when we’re busy or free, what projects we’re working on, or when we’re heading towards a place where we might meet up. With our group, we’re getting there but we haven’t reached the tipping point quite yet.

If you haven’t used Twitter, Common Craft has produced another of their unique videos to explain what it is and how to get started. If you’d like to try Twitter, share the video with a few friends. Like a lot of social media, it’s the most fun when you try it as a gang.


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I dream of …

I dream of Barack.

I dream of Hillary.

Coming soon: I dream of McCain.

All this from a Canadian?

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baby DylanThis weekend, my 16 year-old daughter brought home a school project – a baby. It wasn’t a real baby. It was a plastic one. But it cried and burped and needed to be changed just like a real baby. Her exhaustion by the end of the weekend reminded me of what our lives were like when she first came into our world.

This weekend has been one of the richest learning experiences my daughter has had during school. Think of how she MIGHT have learned about parenting. She could have read an article. She might have done some research and a project. She might have interviewed an expert, like … er … maybe her dear ol’ ma. But nothing prepares you more than having to immerse yourself in the experience of being a parent by actually caring for a child and then stepping back to reflect on that experience. That’s been her weekend. It’s been a crash course in nighttime feedings and frequent diaper changes.

I wonder. How could we create learning experiences that are more like the way we learned to be parents? And what would that mean for how we view ourselves as educators?

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