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The University of Wales, Newport, has developed a Facebook application that creates a portal in Facebook to the university’s elearning platform, MyLearning Essentials. (You can only see it if you have a Facebook account.) The application’s creator, Michael Webb, said

It took about a day and half from conception of the idea and joining the Facebook developer community on 10th July to launching it as a viable application for our students to use (or comment on) on the 11th July.

If your institution is thinking of moving to web services for elearning, there’s a fine reason. I can’t imagine having that kind of flexibility with the older-generation learning management systems.

Meanwhile, Graham Attwell worries that Facebook might become a roach motel for learners’ work. Because Facebook is a closed application, the information will go in, but it won’t come out.

What do you think? It’s a great example of meeting learners where they’re at. Does it seem like a good idea?


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