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Safe journey

Chris and I leave tomorrow for Bermuda to carry a friend on his final journey. This is a trip I never thought I’d make. Errol’s passing leaves a hole in our lives that’s twenty years deep. Ours was a well-aged friendship. We knew where each others’ land mines were buried. We knew how to talk without talking. We knew that a good bottle of Shiraz erased time spent apart. (And he was a man who knew how to pick a wine.) Errol’s gift was bringing people together, and one of the nicer things about the past week was connecting all the people that Errol loved. As we leave for Bermuda, I’m sure there’s more of that to come.

Faith is a fact

But faith is an act.

Safe journey, my friend.


(Photo by Chris Campbell taken at the Halifax Airport)


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The University of Wales, Newport, has developed a Facebook application that creates a portal in Facebook to the university’s elearning platform, MyLearning Essentials. (You can only see it if you have a Facebook account.) The application’s creator, Michael Webb, said

It took about a day and half from conception of the idea and joining the Facebook developer community on 10th July to launching it as a viable application for our students to use (or comment on) on the 11th July.

If your institution is thinking of moving to web services for elearning, there’s a fine reason. I can’t imagine having that kind of flexibility with the older-generation learning management systems.

Meanwhile, Graham Attwell worries that Facebook might become a roach motel for learners’ work. Because Facebook is a closed application, the information will go in, but it won’t come out.

What do you think? It’s a great example of meeting learners where they’re at. Does it seem like a good idea?

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From the days when Peter Mansbridge still had a little bit of hair comes this bit of memorabilia.

UPDATE: I’d forgotten about this but came across it this morning.  It’s Ethan Zuckerman’s short and very entertaining introduction to the web.

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Sometimes we don’t realize how lucky we are to live in times like these.  It’s an amazing world.  Watch this.

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“The results of access studies show that the actual use of online content is relatively low, with only 10-20% of students making regular use of the content.” (Lonnie Harvel, Using student-generated notes as an interface to a digital repositorypdf)

“It is sometimes estimated that online teachers spend 90% of their planning and developing creating content and online learning resources.” (Ron Oliver, Developing e-learning environments that support knowledge construction in higher educationpdf)

Anyone see a problem with this picture?

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Learning is king

learning is king

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The Twitter paradigm

“Most people don’t want to schlep their laptops around; they like phones. Ergo Web 2.0 will be more like Twitter long-term than blogs.”   (from a tweet by Hugh MacLeod)

What do you think?

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