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Think before you post

This comes from the Ad Council (via Christopher Sessums).  The message is a bit heavy but clear.  I can’t help but think that it would be nice to see it balanced by some of the amazing things that kids are doing online.  (By the way, notice the kids’ pictures on the Flat Classroom Wiki?) 

The ad is meant for television so people can see it without having any experience of the web, let alone an understanding of what possibilities these tools create.   Is this an important message to share, or does this give people a distorted picture (the kind that led to DOPA), or is the impact of this kind of ad somewhere in the middle?   What do you think?

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image of chrisA colleague and all round wonderful guy, Chris Mogensen, recently submitted a proposal to get funding to attend Microsoft Tech-Ed 2007. As part of the proposal he had to outline a plan to share what he learned with the folks he works with back home. Chris’ answer? Blog the conference. Although Chris is the first person that I know at our college to blog as part of his professional development, blogging to learn is a great idea. Gone are the days when we can expect dedicated workshops or training sessions to help us learn the latest trend. I’m not sure it ever made sense anyway. We’ve got to start sharing and teaching ourselves. And, as Will Richardson says, you can learn more by blogging than you can in years of formal education.

Enjoy the conference, Chris! And can you bring me home some schwag?

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