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Are You a Twitter Ninja?


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… your husbands asks you to check twitter┬áto see when he’s leaving work to come & pick you up.

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infinite thinking logoGoogle is investing a lot of its attention towards the educational market. I really like their blog for educators, Infinite Thinking. For a great example of how Google is supporting teachers to learn how to use their products, take a look at a recent post on using collaborative spreadsheets. (I’d embed the video but then you’d miss the rest of the post so go to the site and have a look.)

I like it because the information is practical and useful. More importantly, the video strikes a great balance in terms of giving you the information you need (here are some tips), engaging thinking (tell us what time it is by looking at the shadow), inviting participation (put your answers in the comments) and providing further resources for exploration (the show notes). Remember those educational videos that you had to sit through in Grade 7 science class? Boring. Google’s videos are fresh and invite you to take a number of different directions to find the information that will work best for you.

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