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Third Life?


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Help Wanted signA while ago I noticed a job ad from the Australian Businesswomen’s Network for an online moderator. The list of essential skills is interesting. Notice how few of the skills are based in the technology? Basically, you need an operational understanding of webinar and social software in order to the job. The other skills involve seeing learning from the point of view of the learner (even having personal experience as one), being flexible and adaptable to the environment, understanding group dynamics, establishing your own identity in this space and being able to solve problems. Some of this would be applicable to any teaching role, but it’s shaded a bit differently in an online environment. For example, do you need to establish your role in the same way if people can’t see you walk into a class and stand at the front of the room?

What do you think? What makes a good online facilitator?

(Photo, help, by Brian Liloia)

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The Pictou Trebuchet

A group of us went to the Stellarton yesterday to attend the Open House at the Pictou campus.  There was a snow storm so the crowd wasn’t big, but those who came were enthusiastic and got a look at some of the great programs offered at the NSCC

Our booth was located in the front entrance, right beside the world famous Pictou Trebuchet, Lugus.  For the uninitiated (like me), a trebuchet is a catapault.  This one was built by the cabinetmaking students for the Canadian Wood Council’s Wood Catapult Competion last month.  It won the Best Aesthetics prize (and she is a beaut!).  Have a look at the video students made.  Be sure to stick around for the end.  It’s cute.

Wouldn’t a video like this be a great addition to an e-portfolio?

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The local goes global

This past week, the Kipawo Arts Centre in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, played host to a unique event, the Equity and Technology Community Radio Broadcast. The five-day broadcast was an effort to share the results of a research project that explored issues of access to technology among Canadian youth. Through the week, they held panel discussions on Web 2.0, copyright, technology and sustainable development. The discussions were webcast live.

And then there was the music ….

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Over the past year, a growing number of my colleagues and I have been exploring Second Life on our own to learn more about how we might use it to support learning.  The community that this group has formed is one of the most vibrant online learning communities that I’ve known.  We’ve learned plenty together.  Last week, we gave a presentation on Second Life to a fairly large group at our college.  Check it out.

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Are You a Twitter Ninja?

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… your husbands asks you to check twitter to see when he’s leaving work to come & pick you up.

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